Hiker Tracker: A GPS tracking devise need not be big, bulky and expensive. What's more, a system that allows your friends, family and park rangers follow your hikes and treks into the wilderness makes it safer for all involved. Perfect for monitoring in case of emergencies.

Information About Parks and Hiking Trails:

U.S. National Park Service: www.nps.gov

Trails (finder and reviews): www.trails.com

United States Hiking Trails: www.tripleblaze.com

Local hikes Near Cities: www.localhikes.com

Hiking Trails in California: www.thishikingtrail.com/

Hiking Trails in Arizonia: www.arizonahikingtrails.com/

Hiking Trails in Georgia: www.georgiatrails.com/

Washington Trails Association: www.wta.org/

Outward Bound: www.outwardbound.org/

BackRoads: www.backroads.com/walking-trips

Hiker Tracker™ is associated with Runner Tracker™ and Biker Tracker™.

Best Trails in North America (trails.com):

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